Dr. Lia Tsotsos

Principal Researcher and Project Manager, Sheridan Centre for Elder Research 


  • York University, Specialized Honours B.Sc in Kinesiology and Health Science, B.Sc (Hons), 2007
  • McMaster University, Doctor of Philosophy in Neuroscience, Ph.D., 2012

Biography Summary

Over the course of her undergraduate kinesiology and health science training, and graduate training in cognitive neuroscience, Lia has amassed a strong foundation in both basic and applied research methodologies with a specialization working in the field of aging. Her additional interests in physical activity, dance, music, education and community building have helped her appreciate the multitude of ways that researchers can engage students, industry leaders and community stakeholders to promote knowledge dissemination and positive actions based on research outcomes. She is very passionate about the importance of science literacy for all and enjoys sharing the results of her work with individuals of all ages. In her current role as the Principal Researcher/Project Manager at the Sheridan Centre for Elder Research she is able to combine all her interests and areas of expertise to design, develop, test and implement innovative strategies that improve the quality of life of older adults across Canada.

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