Collaboration between Faculty of Applied Science and Technology, Chumbuggy and the Centre for Elder Research supports new online venture

In the spring of 2015, the Sheridan Centre for Elder Research collaborated with students and faculty from Sheridan’s Faculty of Applied Science and Technology (School of Applied Computing) to help develop a new online video chat site created by industry partner, The site, which launched in late July 2015, provides a safe and secure video-chat community where people over 50 participate in engaging discussions in small groups about topics that are important and interesting to them.

Earlier this year, Sheridan Applied Computing Program Coordinator Pejman Salehi, with the support of co-founder Neel Desai, secured funding through the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

Guests at the launch held at the Centre for Elder Research try the new software

Guests at the launch held at the Centre for Elder Research try the new website

The Centre for Elder Research was brought on board to create and execute a series of older adult user testing groups. In addition to the user testing, the Centre was able to provide the three Applied Computing students working on the project with Pejman and Neel with a comprehensive orientation session that prepared them to create a product specifically for older adults. The session topics included: the demographic shift to an aging world population; the business of aging; the sensory, motor and cognitive challenges of aging, and an introduction to the principles of applied research including ethical issues.

Through this collaboration the students not only gained valuable software development experience, but more importantly, they were provided with an opportunity to interact with the users which helped to foster the interdisciplinary creative thinking necessary for solving real-world problems and for producing future innovation.

The Centre for Elder Research invites students, faculty and staff to drop by the Trafalgar Road campus (K101) Friday afternoons anytime from 1-3 p.m. to discuss additional opportunities for collaborations between Sheridan faculty and students, the Centre for Elder Research and small-medium size businesses.

Guest contributor: Kathryn Warren-Norton, Communications Coordinator, Centre for Elder Research


Pictured (left to right) are project collaborators Lia Tsotsos, Principal Researcher and Project Manager for the Sheridan Centre for Elder Research; Neel Desai, site co-founder; Kevin Lee, student; Krysta Salera, student; Pejman Salehi, Sheridan Applied Computing Program Coordinator; and Ben Hofstede, student

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