A Day in the Light: Media Fundamentals Students visit SIRT

Sheridan’s Screen Industries Research and Training (SIRT) Centre welcomes visits from Sheridan faculty and students! Read on for an account of a recent visit by a class of Sheridan Media Fundamentals students…


The Media ‘Fundies’ students’ fourth annual SIRT visit was the most stunning to date. SIRT has moved into a new expanded home: Soundstage 10 at Pinewood Toronto Studios. We walked into the 10,000-square-foot, soundproof building to see a 24-camera green screen motion capture stage, a house set open on one side for camera access, and a theatre for our 100+ guest students to watch a video of James Cameron explaining, with demonstrations, the frame rates and shutter speeds that are available for High Frame Rate filming and digital motion picture projectors today. SIRT also has a state of the art digital projector.

Several student volunteers were asked to help demonstrate the motion capture sound stage and technology. The students put on black motion capture suits and had their joints velcroed with light sensor markers by Spencer Idenouye, SIRT’s motion capture lead and PJ (Philip Tremblay), a third year student in Sheridan’s Bachelor of Game Design. Once suited up, they were turned into a gargoyle and a storm trooper on screen and put into various fantastical locations. Bert Dunk, SIRT’s Technology Supervisor, who has deep roots and experience in motion picture production, as a most gracious host welcomed us warmly, and after his lecture and Q & A on the history and current state of filming technology, left us enlightened and ready for more professional insight into our movie going experience. I had to break into the Q & A because the buses were waiting outside to take us back to reality. See you next year!

Jack Urowitz
Professor and Program Coordinator – Media Fundamentals

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New Colleges Ontario Ad Showcases Sheridan’s SIRT Centre

Sheridan’s Screen Industries Research and Training Centre is featured in a new TV ad campaign by Colleges Ontario that emphasizes the leading role that colleges play in preparing students for rewarding careers. The Centre’s motion capture facility and staff are shown in the ad, and SIRT team members assisted Colleges Ontario with the design of the 3D logo featured at the end.

Called Higher Education for a New World, the ad has started airing provincewide this week in both English and French. The ad will run for one month and will run again in the fall. The ad depicts how graduates are entering diverse fields such as business, health care and digital animation. Click here to learn more about the ad.

Sheridan’s Screen Industries Research and Training Centre (SIRT) is an applied research centre established by Sheridan in 2010 at Pinewood Toronto Studios in the east end of Toronto. It’s dedicated to fostering collaborative innovation in Ontario’s film, gaming and television industries. SIRT works with industry, academic, and government partners to conduct collaborative research and provide Ontario’s professionals the training needed to build the province’s competitive advantage in the screen-based entertainment industries.

Sheridan unveils the first ABB YuMi Robot in Canada

December 15, 2015

Sheridan’s Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies (CAMDT) has become the first facility in Canada to acquire ABB’s YuMi® robot.  A special event to unveil and showcase YuMi’s capabilities was held yesterday at Sheridan’s Brampton Campus.


What a college student looks like

Hargurdeep Singh, Sheridan Mechanical Engineering Design and Drafting Technology Program Graduate and former Student Research Assistant, was featured in December issue of Macleans: